Roger Sharp

The leadership at High Impact Ministries has a passion to share the good news of the gospel with all to bring them to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. In addition they have developed an organized approach to evangelism that helps map, track, and record the effectiveness of the program. High Impact Ministries passion along with their organizational skills makes for a dynamic and productive force.

Roger Sharp  Assistant to the Pastoral Staff at Rhema Bible Church – Broken Arrow, OK

The leadership at High Impact Ministries has compassion to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all those they meet. They lead with integrity and compassion. High Impact Ministries leads, trains and equips believers for sharing the Gospel with others. They are bold in their witness and are good at helping others grow in boldness and confidence in ministering. High Impact Ministries’ heart is to follow God in all they do and encourages others to do the same when ministering. They lead many outreach evangelistic teams into the surrounding areas. These teams go out to show others the love of God, minister to hearts and to promote the local church. Many people are shown the love of God, born again, filled with the Holy Ghost and healed in these weekly outreaches as well as become new visitors in the local church. I would highly recommend this program as it is very effective in helping the local church to reach outside the walls into the community as well as equip believers in reaching their world for Christ.

Laura Marraccini  Evangelist / Missionary / LPN Nurse

Mr. Scott Isley, at High Impact Ministries, is a great leader with the passion for God and people. He imparted to us the vision to reach people with the love of God. I attended Can I Get a Witness program led by Mr. Scott at Rhema Bible Church as I was a student at Rhema Bible Training College.

Hanna Viljakainen  Sales Manager at e-Pay Finland Oy

I highly recommend Scott Isley, at High Impact Ministries. He is not only a dedicated and highly disciplined leader, but he knows how to make imperative decisions through analyzing statistical data while being lead by the Holy Spirit. In his field of ministry, delivering the message of Jesus Christ is what he does passionately. His program of door-to door church outreach (Can I Get A Witness) impacted many lives, including those who volunteered.

On a personal note, I learned a lot from Scott in various ways. He took the time to mentor both my wife and I. He was willing to share quality time to develop people under him. I highly recommend Scott Isley for any position.

Rhema Ingram  Human Resource Assistant

Scott, at High Impact Ministries, is vision driven and deeply passionate about spreading the restoration, hope, and love that is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his community and beyond.


Scott’s passion at High Impact Ministries is incredible! He shares the Gospel simply and with such interest that you can’t help but love Jesus more!

Brad Fleisher  Trained Pastor

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