Prayer Needed for Effective Evangelism

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Getting Unsaved People To Talk With The Teams

Through last year’s Can I Get A Witness outreaches, this definite need arose. An amazing percent of unsaved people who talk with us do receive Jesus, but in recent past, we haven’t had a large percentage of people who talk with us that are unsaved. In some ways, I can see these encounters as divine appointments, because they bring in the harvest at just the right time. However, we also want to plant seed and water the seeds of others that have planted into the lives of those we speak to. Reaching out to people is what we are all about.

Preparing with Prayer

One church has been doing CIGAW for their midweek service. While some of the congregation goes out witnessing, the others stay back at the church praying for those who are out on the streets to be reached. Another church has set aside the first Sunday evening of every month to meet after service in order to have a time of evangelism prayer. They look to God for direction and help, while praying for their community, church leadership, etc. Please join us in this prayer!

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