Outreach and Evangelism Tracking System

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Every church and ministry should have an outreach and evangelism tracking tool they can use to track their outreach efforts. A good tracking tool will help to establish and maintain follow-up, keep track of outreach volunteers, and, more importantly, analyze simple to read reports in order to determine what works and doesn’t work. Few laborers get to see first-hand how their efforts impact another person’s life. By capturing some simple data during outreaches, it makes various reports available that are effective in showing volunteers and church leaders the fruit of ministry labor.

We have been working with a web developer/graphic designer, who is volunteering his time—”planting seed” were his exact words to design this for us. One of the most exciting results of having this on the website, is that people will be able to see an overall  result of the CIGAW program in total from all churches participating. Churches will be able to input their outreach data within a password protected area in order to maintain anonymity for certain data that needs to remain private. Some of the basic information entered will be:

  1. which houses were visited
  2. the people they visited
  3. the people they visited who are already born again
  4. people available to get saved
  5. the number of people who receive Jesus

Displaying this collective data on the website will help encourage those committed to visiting and witnessing to the unsaved.

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