Outreach Tools, Training, and Technology to Reach Your Community


The tools we use to reach out have proven to be very effective. We have been developing them for many years and are constantly improving them.

  • The Can I Get A Witness Program

The Can I Get A Witness program is designed to teach Christians how to effectively preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and facilitate churches in reaching out to their communities.

Since starting the Can I Get A Witness program in 1988, we have visited thousands of families, and our outreaches have spanned across the United States and the world. We have worked with existing churches, hurting churches, and very successful churches. We have helped pastors pioneer their churches. Each pastor’s mission has been to reach out to local individuals and families and to train church members to be ministers of the reconciliation.

  • The New Residents Ministry

Personally welcoming people to their new home is an incredibly effective way of encouraging them to come and be a guest at your church. The main goal of this outreach is to have people cross the threshold of your church so that they can be reached by your whole church team and then be discipled.

The New Residents Ministry tool enables you to effectively and efficiently visit new residents in your local area and invite them to church. Oftentimes, people are looking for a church home when they are new residents. We help you to facilitate that.


High Impact Ministries is convinced that God desires us to reach out to our communities. However, many churches never have. In 1988, Scott told his pastor that God had put on his heart to reach out to the community around their church building. The pastor thought it was a great idea, and encouraged Scott. When Scott asked him how he should go about conducting the outreach, the pastor said, “I have no idea, but I trust the Holy Spirit in you.”

That was over 25 years ago. Scott started learning at that point and continues to learn today. It turns out that one of the main reasons churches aren’t reaching out is that they don’t know how. The Can I Get A Witness program and the New Residents Ministry are taught so that churches can reach out to their communities effectively. We help to guide and give direction to those who are interested in spreading the Word.

High Impact Ministries is available to provide you with program training so that the outreach will grow and be effective in your church. The program training that we offer is typically a three day seminar which will help develop your outreach coordinator, the follow-up leader, and the team leaders. By having this training, your church will have leadership that is confident and comfortable with the program. The program continue to grow and to be an effective outreach in your church. Get started today by contacting us.


High Impact Ministries has developed a powerful evangelism tracking tool for churches and ministries to utilize in reaching their community for Christ.

By using the tracking tools associated with the Can I Get A Witness program and the New Residents Ministry you can manage your church’s efforts so that you will be effective in reaching your local community. Our online tracking tools provide you with an amazing ability to see the results and growth of your ministry; who is being effective so they can train others, where your teams are most successful, what is working or not, etc. Plus, it allows the church leadership the ability to track their outreach teams’ efforts, and allows for clear oversight and insight to what is going on.

Benefits of Our Outreaches

The dynamics of determining the effectiveness of a church’s outreach program can vary from one church to another. We typically focus on:

  • The people from your local church who are involved in outreach
  • The people in the community that you are trying to reach

Your Community:

There are many positive outcomes as a result of reaching out to your local community with the gospel:

  • People becoming Christians
  • People receiving physical healing
  • Encouraging believers and non-believers in the ways of Christ
  • Christians receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues so that they can build themselves up in their most holy faith
  • Helping encourage and motivate Christians who attend other churches to pray for their pastors, get involved/volunteer in their local church, etc.
  • The opportunity to pray with people for various needs

However, one of the most positive attributes (which is actually hard to define) of reaching out to your local community is the effect that bringing Christ and His love to people has on your local society in general. When Christians bring the love of God into the world it becomes an incalculable benefit to any society. The impact that the Gospel has on every society is so powerful and life changing that the results simply cannot be measured.

Your Congregation:

For the people in your congregation, the primary benefit to local outreach is shown in the following verse:

Philemon 1:6 (NIV)
I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

The people from the local church who are involved in outreach definitely realize a full understanding of every good thing they have in Christ. However, we like to focus on what we believe God’s motivation would be for us to reach out: to help people. God is all about helping people. So even though there are personal benefits to ministering in the Can I Get A Witness program and the New Residents Ministry, we encourage the people involved with these outreaches to focus on helping people.

Join us and see for yourself!!!

Our Mission

By visiting people in our communities, we reach out and minister to neighbors with the purpose of:

  • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Promoting the local church
  • Help Christians obtain a full understanding of every good thing they have in Christ
  • Strengthening Communities
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