How we began

The Can I Get a Witness system was built by Scott Isley.  It was born out of a need that he identified when he began witnessing to his church neighbors.

It was 1988 and Scott had been saved for five years.  He was always so excited to share the word of Jesus with others after seeing all the positive ways his life had been impacted.  Soon, he found himself going door-to-door to spread the word.  The more involved he became with outreach, the more he wanted to do it! Scott knew that this was his purpose in life.

It became apparent to Scott that he needed something to help him in his mission.  He wanted to be able to see where he was faltering and where he was succeeding.  He wanted to be able to have a system whereby he could track what was happening with his witnessing stops.  He looked, but wasn’t able to find the tools he needed. Since necessity is the mother of invention, this system was born.

The Can I Get a Witness program started small, and Scott built it slowly over the years, using it to help him in the work he feels so very passionate about.  After seeing what a help it has been to different churches, Scott has decided to offer it to you.

If you are new to witnessing, the Can I Get a Witness program can help you get over those “beginner’s jitters” and give you direction and guidance.  If you are experienced, Scott’s system can help you track what is happening in your outreach.  This program will work for you – no matter how large or small your needs are.  Together we can REACH the World!!

About Scott:

Shortly after receiving Christ in 1983, Scott married his wife, Laurie. Scott followed his passion for God’s work by resigning from a career path with the General Electric Co. where he taught Radiological Controls and Nuclear Health Physics. He and his family moved to Oklahoma in 1993. He attended Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, OK; in 1996, Scott graduated with a major in World Missions.

In addition to spreading the Word of Jesus with the Can I Get A Witness program, Scott has been a pastor of a local church. He has traveled to Venezuela, El Salvador, Columbia and Belize, performing evangelism outreaches and teaching in local churches and Bible schools.

Currently, in addition to running High Impact Ministries, Scott teaches the Personal Evangelism class at Rhema Bible Training College. He is also involved with Rhema Bible Church – leading the Residential Evangelism Outreach there. Scott works with his wife, Laurie, who leads the addiction recovery program at Rhema Bible Church – The R.O.C.K.

After more than thirty years of marriage, Scott and Laurie have two children and one grand-child. Laurie was integral to the formation of High Impact Ministries. She is a training specialist, an administrative overseer and is very involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization. Scott and Laurie have been a team for over thirty years. Their passion for people is evident in everything they do. And their passion for spreading the Gospel is contagious!

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