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One knock on one neighbor’s door in 1988 has multiplied into knocks on thousands through the years since. Scott and Laurie Isley, founders of High Impact Ministries and the Can I Get A Witness (CIGAW) & New Residents Ministry (NRM) programs, started on a personal “crazy” journey to share their Christian faith with the neighbors around them. The husband-and-wife team donned their Sunday best attire grabbed a coffee table-sized Bible, joined hands, and began knocking on doors talking to their neighbors about the goodness of God toward man.

Today that evangelistic ministry now makes its home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Of course, there are some changes: Scott hung up his shirt and tie for comfortable sneakers and a T-shirt and left the big Bible at home. But the most significant change is that today, the Isleys have extra help, which is a making a larger impact on communities.

“Since April of 2010, when we started using our current database, we have gone to thousands of homes within five miles of our church building,” Scott said. Through the CIGAW program we are able to connect local churches to their communities. Additionally, many church guests were first introduced to the local churches via CIGAW volunteers.

“Having Christian teaching being incorporated into our local community through our church impacts all of our lives here because of the relationships and care that people share with others,” Scott said.

What began in 1988 as an untrained desire to make an impact in the local community is currently expanding to a global outreach. High Impact Ministries has started going overseas and ministering in local churches and Bible Schools. The CIGAW program now has a website that includes evangelism training tools and a database that can be used by any local church.

“Our long-term goals are, to me, almost overwhelming and somewhat hard to wrap my head around,” Scott said. “When you consider how many local pastors on this planet have hearts to reach out to their communities but…just plain don’t know how, the need is immense.” However, identifying a need is one thing but finding local pastors who desire to reach out to their communities is another.

We are now making ourselves available to provide the different tools we have developed, incorporate outreach training and afford churches to use the online database technology that we have available. By using these means churches can reach out to their communities effectively.

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