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Methods That Work

The Can I Get A Witness and New Residence Ministry outreaches offer your church an easy and effective way to reach your community.


Build Their Confidence

One of the greatest gifts a pastor can give their congregation is confidence in sharing the Gospel. Our in-house training will help you do just that.
It’s contagious!


Powerful Technology

The outreach tracking software records every detail of your church’s outreaches, tracks volunteers, and helps you analyze your team’s results.

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Empower Your People

Can I Get A Witness is is a training program designed to teach lay people how to effectively witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. The main ministerial goals are to preach the Gospel, to encourage people to attend your local church, and to help Christians obtain a full understanding of every good thing they have in Christ. Through a process of lectures and hands on ministry training, church people are taught to be effective witnesses for Christ.The overall goal is to develop a program in your church (run by lay ministers) that trains your church members to go into your community and witness the good news of Jesus Christ.

How the Program Works

We take Christians into the world and minister the love of God to people at their homes.

The typical schedule starts with prayer for about ten minutes, followed by twenty minutes of teaching and motivational lecture on how and why to witness. Then, we spend an hour or so visiting people’s homes and ministering. After going out, we hold a fifteen minute debriefing where testimonies are given and any incidents or problems are discussed and solutions given. The daily time commitment is about two and a half hours.

High Impact Ministries is available to provide you with program training so that the outreach will grow and be effective in your church.  The program training that we offer is typically a three day seminar which will help develop your outreach coordinator, the follow-up leader, and the team leaders.  By having this training, your church will have leadership that is confident and comfortable with the program. The program will then continue to grow and to be an effective outreach in your church.  Get started today by contacting us.

Why the Program Works

Christians need an outlet. Many times, people feel insurmountable walls between themselves and the world. Can I Get A Witness dissolves those walls, creating an easy outlet for believers to share their faith.

We take people by the hand and show them how to witness. Everything from the knock on the door to the questionnaire is structured so they don’t feel helpless. And your people will not be intimidated because they don’t have to minister (speak) until they are comfortable.

Results of Can I Get A Witness

We have used this program across the United States, and are excited that the Can I Get a Witness program is now being used in different parts of the world. The results have been excellent everywhere, even though the people we work with and minister to are often times very different.

When we worked with a church that was pioneering in Ohio, many people were born-again at their doors, and people were encouraged by the love of God. As a result, a church was started. In Oklahoma, a small church experienced growth from a nightly tent crusade and daily Can I Get A Witness outreaches. In Washington, a couple used the Can I Get A Witness program and started a church. The first people to come to their church service were an evangelist and his wife who they met while doing the Can I Get A Witness program.


“The way that we conduct our outreaches has completely changed. We no longer wonder whether or not our outreach and evangelism efforts in the community are effective. Being able to measure what we do empowers us to realign and apply the right amount of focus in what we do.”

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